Frequently asked questions

Is the Coronavirus real?

Yes, there is a virus from the coronavirus family that can be dangerous for the weak. It is important to take care of the elderly and the sick as it is every year during flu season. Ventilate well, and above all avoid stress and go out into the sun. see

How can I boost my immune system?

Human defenses are not just antibodies. Our defenses are largely formed by a non-specific part. You can strengthen this part by living a healthy life and by supplementing with vitamins C and D and zinc.

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How much has the lockdown cost per person in Europe?

The expenditure incurred by the government amounts to € 4000 per Dutch citizen.

Are the vaccines dangerous?

How was Sweden able to stay open and recommend against masks?

Is the PCR test effective?

These tests show a relatively high percentage of false positives, both technical and systemic, if other viruses also cross-react positively. Moreover, it is not a clinical diagnosis because it requires a CT scan or symptoms and a medical specialist.

Tested positively is therefore not simply infected!

What happened to influenza in the 2020 statistics?

Where did influenza go in the 2020 statistics?

Have a look at the Erasmus data yourself:

NEWSLETTER INFLUENZA-SURVEILLANCE 20 5-3-2020 VOLUME 28, No 4 Page 1 2019-2020

What is the difference between an infection and a positive test?

The PCR test is so sensitive that the test can show positive, where you do not know what the test measured. Thus, the test may have picked up artifacts (an artifact is an assay error, often an editing error) from a virus, or another sars-cov-2-like virus, possibly a different coronavirus.

An infection, on the other hand, is an established sars-cov-2 infection, also by means of a validation test (so a test to check whether it is an 'active' virus).

To summarize, a positive test is not necessarily an active virus, an infection is.

That is why it is so important to make sure that there is proper communication in the media. A positive test is not immediately contamination.

How long will lockdowns last?

Will we regain our freedom of movement?

Sweden, Florida, Texas and Georgia were open, but don't they have high death rate?

How many have developed serious side effects from vaccines?

Are those without vaccines able to work, study, walk and shop in Isreael?

What kind of actions against lockdowns and tyranny do you support?

We support peaceful means mostly, however in certain countries where our research shows the level of propaganda has reached too high and where permanent damage is to stay for many decades, in these countries we support protests, however we try not to support any groups that are willing to destroy private property or create absolute chaos.

Did Amsterdam really take over London as the financial capital of Europe in 300 years?

But Lockdowns are necessary as hospital beds are at full capacity?

The lockdowns are temporary, businesses will open once the lockdown is lifted?

Wrong, only medium to large or cash rich corporations will sustain, others will be closed forever and will not open or go back to normal ever again.